SUMMER SPECIAL! Sign up here

We are so grateful to be able to offer our members classes online during this challenging time. If you'd like to join us, please read below:

1. Log in to your Downtown Yoga MindBody account (be sure to access this from your MB app on your phone, or the website in your browser ). Make sure that you have signed a liability waiver with us (prior or now if this is your first time practicing with us) and that you have an active class pass (can be a Drop-In, 2 week special, 5 or 10 pack, etc.)

2. Prior to your first class, visit the Facebook website or download the app on your phone/tablet, and ensure that your account is active.  From there, ask to join the “Downtown Yoga Community” private group. We will accept your request as soon as possible.

3. For both live and pre-recorded classes, please comment on the video post to let us know you were present. (This is how we maintain an accurate count of your remaining classes (if applicable)).

Please know that we will do our best to provide a seamless experience in our online classes. However, technology can sometimes be unpredictable! Your patience with us is much appreciated. :) 


Will I be seen in my house as I am practicing?
No, only the instructor is visible to you and any other practitioners.

What should I do if my internet connection isn’t working well?
Consider how you might lower the load on your wifi connection - maybe running less devices, or less websites on your device. You could also try a different browser – Chrome seems to work best.

What happens if my class feed suddenly stops?
This has happened, but it is rare. If this happens, the teacher will have to restart the class. Close the current class, and view the Downtown Yoga Community newsfeed for a new video for the continuation of the class.


How do I pay for my online classes?
You can use your class passes or memberships to virtually attend class. Payment for live, online classes will be taken as if classes were held in-studio. For Members and Class Pack holders, these classes will be covered with your pricing option. Click here for our pricing options.

Are you offering any free classes?
Our 15-Meditation classes remain free, and will be posted to our public page upon availability.  For the rest of our classes, we are hoping to continue with our ‘in-studio’ pricing model to best support our fixed costs and our teachers. Thank you for your understanding and support — we are deeply grateful for you!